The ultimate sports & luxury members only club

At the Indulge Club we stop at nothing to ensure we maximise every opportunity by creating unforgettable experiences for our members.


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Membership is by invitation only and we are very proud to have only like-minded people in our community.

Everything we do and think is devoted towards maximising life through experiencing the finest luxury and sporting occasions.  


Every member receives a personalised service with us to ensure we understand their needs and deliver a world class experience.


Every day we believe in challenging the past and innovating the future to guarantee we deliver the very best experiences for our members. 



About The Indulge Club?

The Indulge Club is a place for those who want to embrace life and create the most incredible uplifting memories with people who share the same values.

Membership Benefits

Guaranteed Enjoyment

Everything we do is devoted towards making our members lives better


Money can buy cars and houses, but it can't buy memories

Networking for Business

Opportunities to meet qualified and successful individuals who you may be able to collaborate with

Best in Class Customer Service

We make time for our our members and are committed to providing a service to the highest quality

Engaged Community

People join for the experiences and stay for the friendships they develop

Continued Skill Development

Continue to refine your sporting skills and improve on a competitive level

Our Experiences

We design and deliver unique experiences by forming close personal relationships with all of our members. This philosophy enables us to understand our members passions and preferences to create amazing experiences!

Every day we create experiences based around our core themes, which are 

Entertain, Play, Energise Unwind

Browse below for a sneak peak of our recent member experiences...


Enhance your well-being levels, learn and develop.

Energise yourself with a weeks biking and hiking in Andalusia!


Opportunities to play sport in a way nobody else can

Play the Tour Course at PGA Catalunya, and watch El Clasico!


Exclusive experiences to the world’s best events

Watch the Champions League Final and Monaco Grand Prix in style!

Lady in dressing gown looking out over the ocean


Relax and rejuvenate in the most exclusive and memorable way imaginable

Unwind by relaxing in a private villa with Yoga sessions!

Our Services

Only available to Indulge Club Members

We create bespoke experiences to watch the pinnacle of events and competitions from a variety of sports

Ultimate Sporting Experiences

Invitations to exclusive events for Indulge Club members

Exclusive events for Indulge Club members

Opportunities to experience playing at the world’s most iconic sporting venues and facilities

Iconic Sporting Experiences

Annual competitions and events organised for Indulge Club members to challenge their peers in extraordinary settings

Indulge Club competitions

Learn from globally recognised trainers and coaches to develop in and outside of a sporting arena

Learning and development

A personalised service to deliver the best event and experiences for those unforgettable landmarks

Bespoke Event creation for Special Occasions

Exclusive deals and destinations for all club members

Luxury holidays

Retreat to luxury destinations to get energised 

Revitalisation Breaks

Membership is by recommendation or invitation only. You must be at least 18 years of age. There are net worth requirements to justify membership


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